Grand Piano kit
number of parts : 111
figure size when completed :
Pianos are one of the most popular instruments. Its mechanism may lead one to acknowledge it as a machine opposed to a musical instrument. This kit contains the most parts in our lineup. The lid can be opened or closed.

The keyboard design has improved to closely recreate the original instrument and its mechanisms.

The legs has been designed to recreate its sturdiness. The casters are non-movable.

All of the strings are pre-cut. Instead of placing the strings individually, it is advised to fix the stings in a group.

The keyboard and the mechanism is recreated to its fine detail. One can learn the mechanism of the piano simply by building this kit. One may choose to not glue the music stand and enjoy the figure as it is played at a concert. The lid can be opened or closed. (the keyboard cover is not movable)

Close up of the mechanism.
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